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I am conveniently located between Ashby, MN and Dalton, MN directly on County Hwy. 82 Either way you will need to find your way to Ashby or Dalton. FROM ASHBY: Main Street through Ashby is County Hwy. 82. Head WEST out of Ashby TOWARDS Dalton. Continue 3.6 more miles. FROM DALTON: County Highway 82 does not go into Dalton. It is the main Highway that passes by Dalton. Head EAST on County Highway 82 TOWARDS Ashby. Continue 3.3 miles. I am on the SOUTH side of Highway 82. There is a sign at the end of my driveway. Please drive slowly down this driveway as there are often children I am photographing and we have pets who are like our children. The studio is the log building to the right. Please park in the designated parking and not by the garage. *DO NOT FOLLOW GOOGLE MAPS- IT WILL TAKE YOU TO FERGUS ON HIGHWAY 82