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My home is filled with so many memories of raising two beautiful daughters.  I know first hand that the days are long but the years are short.  When I photograph for others, I'm reminded that the stages become a memory all too quickly and it in my soul to capture for each and every client the details of life that are quickly forgotten.  As baby hands develop dimples and rubber band wrists, when toddlers quickly become filled with inquisitive desire to learn and grow, or as your baby embarks upon that last year at home,  it is my hope that you will continue to entrust these stages and phases with me.  To me you are not just another client- you become a part of my family and a piece of me is in every image I capture of your loved one.  You take with you a treasure but also a piece of my heart.  


I have been photographing professionally since 2001.  I have a home based studio with a separate building that houses all of my hundreds of options to incorporate into your session.  Because I need to throw myself, heart and soul, into each and every client session or editing session, I am a studio BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  I ask that you always respect the time that I am devoting to the client I am currently with.  "Dropping by" is frowned upon- not only by me but by the client I am with.   I do ask that you always call, text or email me to make certain that I am available to devote my attention to you 100%.  If I do not reply with in 48 hours to your cyber message- I did not get it.  If I do not reply to your phone message- I probably deleted it while on the fly.  Either way I ask that you please contact me again if at all possible and I will do my best to reach you.   218-731-9133 anytime- leave a message or cell phone (during business hours only)