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Souls. Exposed. 2017 | KYRA L.

16KYRALOOMER170348 copy

A few months back, Kyra came to my studio with her aunt who was picking up her babies pictures. She quietly but confidently said to me “I want you to take my senior portraits” and without hesitation I agreed. I don’t do many senior portraits; in fact with my back I actually limited myself to only 5 this year. While my passion is babies I’m not going to lie- Kyra reminded me of my past love and passion for the age of 17-18 where the world was ready to open in front of them. Their wings were spreading and they are so ready to fly. 16KYRALOOMER170296 copy 16KYRALOOM169641 copy 16KYRALOOMER170215 copy 16KYRALOOMER170196 copy

Teddy came along for the ride and oh what a joyous ride our day together was. Kyra had some ideas and I had some of my own. Together I think we nailed it! 16KYRALOOMER170340 copy 16KYRALOOMER170356 copy 16KYRALOOMER170362 copy 16KYRALOOMER170368 copy

Kyra is a very grounded girl with a sweet faith and a confident heart. As a mother we couldn’t ask for more from our daughters. 16KYRALOOMER170384 copy

I’ve always been so blessed by the Schultz family at Ten Mile Lake Steakhouse (If you ever get the chance- head on over to their patio and enjoy a supper during a sunset- IT’S AMAZING!) On this day I knew I may be pushing my boundaries when I called them to ask if we could photograph Kyra AND Teddy on their beach. As always- Linda graciously welcomed us. I am so thankful for the amazing people in my life who help me to do what I do- capturing God’s beauty. 16KYRALOOMER170528 copy 16KYRALOOMER170521 copy 16KYRALOOMER170507 copy

Teddy decided he’d had enough of the sand and the wind and we captured the rest with just Kyra. 16KYRALOOMER170576 copy 16KYRALOOMER170599 copy 16KYRALOOMER170628 copy 16KYRALOOMER170630 copy

If you haven’t noticed- SHE’S A FARM GIRL AT HEART! <3 16KYRALOOMER170643 copy 16KYRALOOMER170668 copy 16KYRALOOMER170691 copy 16KYRALOOMER170808 copy



Kyra it was such a JOY capturing your senior portraits! Thank you to you and your mom for choosing ME! I’m truly blessed! I hope as you transition into this big old world on your own that you always remember your roots 16KYRALOOMER170861 copy 16KYRALOOMER170872 copy

And when you get the chance to sit it out or dance- I HOPE YOU ALWAYS DANCE! 16KYRALOOMER170397 copy