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Often as I capture images I have a vision of the finished product before I start; more often than not my subjects have a different idea. Now when you’re dealing with children that translates to we do it THEIR way. Newborns especially are learning so much in those first few days of life. Taking them back out of clothing and exposing them to the elements is not always something they are particularly comfortable with.

Sunshine warm upon your face.

Sunshine warm upon your face.

Nash was no different than most newborns. He knew he wanted to be wrapped up and his preference was safely in the arms of his beautiful mama while daddy kept watch over both of them. 16NASHWEDL1477 copy

The joyous thing about being a spirited person myself is that I have a lot of patience and even more perseverance. Meaning that in the end I typically get my way. Or at least I convince myself that it is my way. I have a sleeping baby (albeit not completely naked but we are both content), I have relaxed parents (at least in the images we capture) and we have beautiful portraits of moments in our time together.

I’m truly blessed to be entrusted to capture moments. Moments where baby is asleep in his mother’s arms and daddies arms are wrapped gently around his new family. Moments where for just that one f-stop in time life is just perfect. 16NASHWEDL1527 copy 16NASHWEDL1491 copy 16NASHWEDL1487 copy

Moments where finally they succumb to the peaceful easy sleep and we are able to just pretend that babies stay babies forever.
16NASHWEDL1604 copy 16NASHWEDL1565 copy 16NASHWEDL1555 copy 16NASHWEDL1550 copy